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ArctiCon 2016 March 5th

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I've been collecting these Gundam Wing cards for a while - and not just the MS War either - I almost have full sets of Series 1 and 2 of the normal trading card sets - the guy in the pic with me is my BF Drew - its not the best photo of us but trust me he looks a lot better in person

here is a list of all the cards I need...

MS-025 Wing Gundam Zero

MS-031 Wing Gundam

MS-037 Vayeate (Incomplete)

MS-047 Gundam Epyon

MS-048 Gundam Epyon (Bird Mode)

MS-049 Tallgeese

MS-063 Vayate

MS-066 Virgo II

MS-067 Wing Gundam Zero Custom

MS-068 Gundam Deathscythe H. Custom

MS-069 Gundam Heavyarms Custom

MS-070 Gundam Sandrock Custom

MS-071 Shenlong Gundam Custom

MS-078 Leo

MS-080 Serpent

MS-082 Serpent Transport Ship

MS-083 Gundam (Holo)

MS-084 Guncannon

MS-085 Guntank

MS-086 GM

MS-087 Core Fighter

MS-088 G-Fighter

MS-089 G-Bull

MS-090 Ball

MS-091 White Base

MS-092 Magellan

MS-093 Big Tray

MS-094 Medea

PL-016 Duo Maxwell

PL-018 Quatre Raberba Winner

PL-020 Relena Peacecraft

PL-044 Zechs Merquise

PL-046 Mariemaia Khushrenada

PL-047 Dekim Barton

PL-050 Relena Darlian

PL-053 Amuro Ray (Holo)

PL-054 Sayla Mass

PL-055 Kai Shiden

PL-056 Hayato Kobayashi

PL-057 Bright Noah

PL-058 Mirai Yashima

PL-059 Ryu Jose

PL-060 Matilda Ajan


EV-055 Snatch

EV-061 13th Constellation

EV-063 Jailbreak

EV-067 The Real Operation Meteor

EV-073 End of Waltz

EV-074 Operation V

EV-075 Into The Atmosphere

EV-076 Minovsky Particles

EV-077 Supply Corps

EV-078 Antiaircraft Fire

EV-079 Mass Production

EV-080 The Solar System

BF-019 Romefeller Foundation’s HQ

BF-028 Satellite MO-III

BF-033 The Government-General

BF-034 Side 7

BF-035 Luna II

BF-036 Jaburo



PILOTS - Packaged with Pilot Action Figures

PL-P01 Amuro Ray

PL-P02 Sayla Mass

PL-P03 Matilda Ajan


PL-P05 Garma Zabi


PL-P07 Ramba Ral

PL-P08 Clawle Hamon






BATTLEFIELDS - From the 2001 Invasion Tour

BF-P St. Louis, MO

BF-P Chicago, IL

BF-P Charlotte, NC

BF-P Daytona, FL

BF-P Orlando, FL

BF-P Atlanta, GA

BF-P Houston, TX

BF-P Dallas, TX

BF-P San Antonio, TX

BF-P Bentonille, AR

BF-P Detroit, MI

BF-P Cleveland, OH

BF-P Denver, CO

BF-P Seattle, WA

BF-P Los Angeles, CA

BF-P Anaheim, CA

BF-P San Diego, CA

BF-P Sacramento, CA

BF-P San Francisco, CA

BF-P Minneapolis, MN

BF-P Toronto, Canada (Zaku I)

BF-P Paramus, NJ

BF-P New York City, NY

BF-P Boston, MA (GM)

BF-P12 Philadelphia, PA (Gundam Epyon)

BF-P Washington D.C.

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