ArctiCon 2016: March 5th


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Action Jackson
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I will be running Against the cult of Chaos for 5th edition playtest for a good portion of the day at Arcticon 2013.

Hopefully we can get some prizes or something for the lucky 6 people at the table.

Sign up at the door to play this free game and learn a little about the newest edition of D & D that should be out in 2014.


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I have some 5e material I'd love to run as well, so if your table fills up there might be room for more. Are there open gaming tables around the con? This is my first time coming, sorry for the newb question.

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Hello, I'm the Doctor. Or at least I was at the convention with you all today. Great game, fun was had by all. The pace and energy remained high. I look forward to gaming with you all again someday!
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