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Hey everyone, Johnny here from the Tyrant's Due. Just want to let you guys know that after some unforeseen events Mr. Thomas and I will be taking over the Warhammer 40k Tournament event for the gentlemen who throw this convention every year. We are pleased to run this event for them, as they do so much for the gaming community in return.

So now we should talk a little bit about the tournament itself. I read up on what the person before us was going to present, and I made a little bit of changes to the rules with some careful deliberation with friends and colleagues. We have came to this rules set.


Point Size - 2000pts.

Time Limit - 2 hours (variable per players.)

3-5 Games(4-5 round each)


--Use the standard FOC, allowing allies, fortification, and also Double FOC. Please only use Fortifications from the main rule book. Nothing from escalation, Forge World, or Stronghold Assault may be used.

--Supplements such as Iyanden, Farsight Enclave, and so on May be used along with there parent codexes. Please make sure you have both.

--Data sheets and Formations may not be used however. Cypher and Be'lakor will be allowed pending you have the rules present and handy from the original source.

-- Allies may be used, but not abused.

-- WYSIWYG is still applied.

-- 3rd Party Models and Conversions maybe used granted they resemble the said model, and weapons must be GW or Resemble them.

-- Your army doesn't have to painted, but points will be awarded for it. Along with army composition.

--Please bring multiple copies of your list ( NOT HANDWRITTEN). Typed out, or army builder only please. I have had a lot of bad occurrences with trying to read last minute chicken scratch.

-- Along with army lists, please have and updated rules to your army that is necessary.

--I will set up the Tournament to run for three rounds, but if their is more interest I will have more scenarios for further use.Also, I will make it know that we will adjust times and rounds according to players wishes. If everyone wants to play 2.5 hours we can. Just as much of everyone wants to play 4 rounds we will.


Scenarios will be well rounded and are inclined to be favoring well rounded armies.


If you have anymore questions, or you think I left something out that is vital please feel free to ask.

List checking will start at 10am, the first game will commence at 11am.


P.S. Please come PREPARED, and ready for some competition. I will be giving away additional scoring points for various things that could help you gain the advantage over someone you are tied with.

PPS. I farted..



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Also, the Imperial Knight will not be allowed for this tournament. It's rules are too new to format for the tournament. 

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